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Benefits of Learning French

French is considered to be the ‘Language of Love’ due to its style and rich grammar. Around 26 countries and many International organizations use French as their official language. It has around 220 million speakers worldwide and is one of the important language used for business and tourism purposes. Every year, millions of people enroll […]

Tips to Learn French Language

French is considered to be a language which can be easily mastered by a non-native French speaker. Most of the new French learners find it often hard to learn French every aspect of the language but is not that difficult. If you are new to French, it is important that you learn the basics of the language […]

Benefits of Learning Foreign Language

When browsing through resume templates, you will often find applicants mentioning the number of languages they know at the end. You may wonder how the number of languages a person knows connects with their capabilities. Well, those who know many languages are considered intelligent and fast, than the rest in the count. While on hand, […]

Tips to Improve Your English Pronunciation

The English language doesn’t have a unified pronunciation across regions and people, it differs from region to region and individual to individual. So a new learner can be easily baffled with the complexity of understanding the language of Shakespeare. But fear not, we are here to help you. Here are few English pronunciation tips that […]