India has traditionally been seen as a country that sends rather than receives international students, but a growing number of students from elsewhere are now choosing to study in India. Indeed, the 2018 Open Doors report from the Institute of International Education found that India is the 6th most popular country for Japan, Korea, US students abroad.

Along with the course we provide Accommodation and other facilities which is required for overseas students.


Our Spoken English Course

We Offers Spoken English Training Course in Bangalore for our Foreign Students, that is designed to develop student’s ability to Write and communicate effectively. We are committed to provide Spoken English Classes with quality that is aimed to benefit students professionally and personally.

How do you Learn English?

We encourage Students to Speak only in English regardless of their background; this removes any fear such as inferior complexity that students might have and helps in developing their confidence from day one. Our streamlined process to teach Spoken English has helped thousands of students to practice and learn at the same time.



We arrange for good and convenient accommodation to our students who come from abroad to study here at reasonable rates. We take into account all the factors including security and convenience.

Other Facilities

In addition to providing accommodation, there are many other factors that make an international student’s visit to India interesting and useful. Eduroid Academy aids its students in various ways to help the students.

Admission Requirements

A letter of invitation is sent to the candidate for obtaining the student visa. Admission letters vary on the duration of the courses which could range from 3 to 6 months or a year.


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