Spanish Language Classes for Kids

Taught by experienced native Spanish-speaking teachers with backgrounds in childhood education, Eduroid classes are conducted in small groups (12 students per class maximum, with 2 teachers) in preschool and school formats as well as the “mommy & me” format (8 students max) for younger chiquitos. Classes are available year-round, including summer!

Your Child Can Learn Spanish

Our classes are a dynamic and engaging way for kids to learn Spanish. Our teachers are dedicated to guiding students through language acquisition through fun activities and challenges. We believe in a Fun Immersion approach to learning. Fun games, cultural teachings and spirited songs strengthen language retention and cognitive development.


Why Learn Spanish?

  • Spanish is the second most spoken language.
  • Because being bilingual gives your kids more competitive edge in the future career.
  • 100% Immersion Curriculum
  • Native Teachers
  • Dynamic Classes
  • Make Developmental Strides
  • Gain an Appreciation for Other Cultures
  • Make New Friends in the Classroom


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