German Language Classes for Kids

Learning German can be fun! We are happy to announce German language Classes and a Hobby German language course for Kids. It's a great  way for kids to spend part of their free time. Learning a language can be exciting - as your kids will discover at the Eduroid Academy! Get to know others of a similar age and enjoy the experience of learning German together. 

Effective German learning program for children

We offer a variety of Young Learner’s courses for children and teenagers within primarily different time frames and dates. With our Kids & Teens German language programs you're giving your child the opportunity to really enjoy being immersed in a foreign language and get motivated to learn. This opens up new opportunities and possibilities - for example at school or later on in their career choice.

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Benefits at a glance:

  • Pedagogically sound concept for motivated learning with ease.
  • The latest course materials and topics suited to each age group.
  • Small groups with specially trained native speaker language instructors.
  • Ideal preparation for kids, or supplement to, language lessons at school.

Your child has everything to gain

Learning languages promotes the cognitive development of your child, is character building and boosts self-confidence. Especially important: Unlike in school, at Eduroid Academy your child learns without pressure and memorizing by rote, but with lots of fun and motivation!


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