French Language classes for Kids

You can learn a new language at any age. You don’t need to be a toddler, or a kindergartener, or some other “magic age”, to become fluent in more than one language. But there are still plenty of reasons to start your children on the path to bilingualism from an early age, and French is an excellent language to start with.

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French is the second most learned language in the EU and a popular choice in British schools for kids. Knowing and speaking French opens a whole new world in arts, literature, culture, music, cinema, and more, and it also opens a whole range of career opportunities. Wherever you want your child to learn French, whatever type of activities you want them to do, Eduroid Academy has the right program for your child.


Why join French Classes with Eduroid Academy?


✅ Develop skills, fluency and confidence in the French language

✅ Great preparation for French GCSE or A Level

✅ Make new friends of the same age, who has interest in learning french.

✅ Take part in a stimulating program of social, sporting and cultural activities

✅ Courses available for children and young adults aged between 7-18 years



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