Spoken English for Kids

Many parents would like to teach their children English, but don’t know how to start. It doesn’t matter if your own English is not perfect. The most important thing is that you are enthusiastic and that you give your children lots of encouragement and praise. 

Play On in English for kids

Eduroid Academy English has unique learning materials for teaching reading and writing for kids which combine structured phonics and free reading techniques. Teaching reading and writing will vary from age to age; the age to begin will depend on common practices and kids ability.


As of today, English has fast become the world’s most commonly spoken language and many parents have found themselves asking the question “How do I teach spoken English for kids?” It is mainly because children who learn how to speak proper English at a young age will gain numerous advantages as they grow older. It is seen compared to those not given a solid foundation in their knowledge of English. The best approach, when considering teaching a child English is constant practice and endless creativity.

Our factors that affect spoken English skills in children

  • We teach your child to make use of dictionary.
  • Always converse in English in classroom.
  • Enrich your child's vocabulary.
  • Correct your child wherever he is wrong while conversing.
  • Reading aloud help improve spoken English in children.
  • We Provide workshop every week that helps your child improve spoken English.


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