Origami Classes for Kids

Here we start with some very easy origami for kids, and build our way up to some slightly harder models for older kids, or children that need an extra challenge...

Origami is a fascinating and creative craft for kids, especially if you can find origami models appropriate to their age. Not only will children get a real sense of satisfaction out of making these fun origami models, but they will be getting practice at instructions, increasing their manual dexterity, and producing a fun and decorative end-product. Enjoy these easy origami models, specially adapted to make paper folding fun for children! Simple photo instructions and videos make folding easy.

Let the folding fun begin! There is a whole bunch of amazing (and easy) origami for kids. All of these have a step by step tutorials showing how to make them! I’m sure you are going to love each and every one of the projects featured as all of them are so pretty! Some kids move up to the harder models very quickly, and they have an amazing capacity to remember the designs as well, so give them heaps of paper, and let them go wild!

The goal of the beginner Origami class is to prepare the students to continue their learning on their own using online resources, books, etc.

They will be introduced to the basic terminology of Origami and some common folds and bases such as squash fold, waterbomb base and fish base. Students will also learn folding models using a variety of paper such as business cards, paper strips, newspapers, colour paper, etc. All materials required for the workshop will be provided.

There is also a difference between origami (which is uses a square piece of paper and folding techniques) and kirigami (which can use any shaped paper and requires a little cutting to0). But I find when it comes to kids, doing a mix of the two is best. We also like to embellish our paper crafts with pens or sticking on details such as LARGE eyes. Let’s have a peak at these easy Origami for Kids projects!!


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