Eduroid Academy in Bangalore is known for it's quality and commitment on corporate training. We have more than 15+ well experienced corporate trainers to provide on-site and offshore corporate training programs in Bangalore. With more than 12 Years of experience in Corporate training through our network of corporate training partners, we have successfully delivered more than 327 corporate training programs so far. Since we can organize corporate trainers in short span of time to meet urgent requirements of candidate, We have been quotes as Best corporate training company in Bangalore.

Our Programs
Business Communication Effective Communication Skills Listening Skills Answering Skills
Accent Neutralization Public Speaking Telephone Etiquette Giving & Receiving Feedback
Non-verbal communication Body Language Email Etiquette Stress Management Time management
Self-management Team Management Emotional Intelligence People Management
Client Interaction Skills Positive Mental Attitude Coaching & Mentoring Effective Decision Making
Motivating Employees Personality Development Assertive Communication Business Meeting
Conflict Resolution Negotiation Skills Customer Service Entrepreneurial Skills

This Is How Corporate Training Can Help You:


Corporate trainers know the importance of compassion when it comes to working. These trainers are also able to pass on the importance of this competency to employees that can later use it to good effect. Remember, a compassionate person truly cares about other employees or other people in general, remains available to help others, is concerned about all problems related to work and non-work, and has an equal emotional take on joys and pains of others.

Career Ambition

Ideally, an employee should know what he/she wants out of a career and will work actively in getting it. Similarly, they should be quite knowledgeable when it comes to various things related to a career. Also, they will make things happen for the sake of a career and will advertise actively for raking in opportunities at regular intervals. In this process, the individual will never wait for someone else to create an opportunity. The best corporate training companies will ensure you’re always ambitious about your career and will help clear path that can lead you to your goals.

Customer Focus

An ideal employee of a company with a strong customer focus would be one who is dedicated to meeting the requirements and expectations of customers – both external and internal. Whenever there is a need to act, such an employee will take into account all the customers concerned. In normal circumstances, individuals are not born with a competency like this one. However, in picking top 10 corporate training companies in Bangalore, it can be imbibed quite easily.

Ethics and Values

Whether it is an organization or an individual, having ethics and values and adhering to them at all costs is important for growth. In a way, ethics and values are shorthand statements of important principles that indicate what is said and done. Corporate trainers will help develop your ethics and values and make you understand their importance in your professional life.

Conflict Management

When individuals have excellent conflict management skills in them, they’re able to step up to conflicts and will even see them as real opportunities. Individuals with this skill generally have focused listening abilities besides being able to read various situations quickly. Corporate training companies in Bangalore can help you take things from different perspectives and not personally, help avoid conflicts, and prevent getting overly emotional on all issues.