Are you planning to learn a foreign language? If ‘Yes’, you can consider learning the Spanish language. There are few languages that are gaining worldwide importance and one of them is Spanish! Let’s learn a little more about the romance language. The origin of the Spanish language can be traced back in the Castile region of Spain and has spread across the world with more than 400 million native-speakers. It is one of the most sought after foreign languages and official language in 20 countries. If you are still in doubt, whether to take the Spanish Language Classes or not. Here are few points that might change your opinion.

  • Travelling aid

If you love to travel or mostly need to travel in the Spanish speaking countries like Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Uruguay (which are also emerging economies), it will be of great help to you. Travelling without knowing the official or local language can be disaster leaving you frustrated unable to communicate with local service providers. Learning the Spanish language can make your travel more enjoyable and a great learning experience in terms of culture and meeting new people.


  • Increase your marketable quotient

One of the many reasons of learning the Spanish language can be for growth and new opportunities. Imagine you are working in a MNC which you are or about to work for a Spanish client. Having great understanding and knowledge of the language can make your work not only easy but will enable you to have a better understanding and smooth interaction with your client. Today, more than any time in the history of mankind, we are living in a global village where making contacts, doing business and engaging in a business environment, with people across the world has become the need of the hour. So learning a popular foreign Spanish or say the official language of few of the emerging countries, could increase your marketable quotient immensely.

  • Opportunity to learn a new culture

When you learn a new language, you open the door of huge learning opportunities for yourself. The most interesting part of learning a new language lies in learning about the people, culture and ways of life. You get a whole new perspective to look at things from different point of view. You also get a chance to understand their rich literature, thoughts and wisdom collected from generations.

  • Being a bilingual is good for the brain

Research suggests keeping your mind active is very important to retain your mental health. Learning a new language is a great exercise for your brain. It sharpen your learning abilities and alertness. Bilingual people often manage to keep diseases like Alzheimer and dementia at bay. Since learning a new language is great for health, why not learn Spanish language and garner benefits.

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  • Learning Spanish is easy

If you have learnt the English language, there is high chance that you will find learning Spanish language pretty easy, due to its similarity with the English language structure, grammar and sounds. Even non-English speakers can learn the Spanish language without facing major difficulties. With a little dedication and hard work, you will be able to master the language for normal discourse within a couple of months.