To get score as high as 8 + is not impossible at all yet its is challenging. If one is coherent, meticulous and endurant for the preparation then he or she can get this much score. There are few tips that will definitely help you to scale the height –

  • Learn the enabling skills needed for each and every skills type – One should understand what are enabling skills required and this can be achieved if one is aware of required enabling skills . For example – Intonation, pronunciation, fluency, writing discourse, and punctuation etc required.
  • Inculcate habit of reading – and this can be enhanced if one is in habit of reading papers and magazines .
  • get your fundamentals cleared for the grammar- for this one can refer an ideal book for the grammar to work on – parts of speech, punctuations, etc.
  • learn the techniques for each and every question type.
  • record your statement while speaking and ensure if you are good at all the skills and enabling skills.
  • Read as much as you can do that will certainly help you to get excel the language.
  • Do practice test under timed conditions. That gonna help you in this test.